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Glaze Drops Tutorial

Using our Sun And Moon Glaze Drops is very simple and very easy.


Simply cut out and adhere your image to the surface of the object that you are creating, such as a Scrabble tile or bottle cap - Use a MATTE paper, DO NOT USE GLOSSY. I use the Sun And Moon Glaze to adhere my images to surfaces since it only takes 30 minutes or less to dry for this type of application.


Once your image has set, simply peel off a glaze drop and stick it onto your image. The Sun And Moon Glaze Drops are self adhering, just stick it on and your finished.


Sun And Moon Glaze Drops are easy to use and perfect for beginners!


You'll find our Glaze Drops in our adhesives section.


A note on work surfaces: If you’re using a work surface that you don’t want to potentially make a mess of such as a desk or table, the easiest and least expensive solution would be to put down a piece of wax paper and work on top of that. You do not want to spill an adhesive on, or scratch a surface that is important to you. Another idea might be to put down a soft towel and then place a piece of plexiglass over the towl, or perhaps a piece of thin smooth wood that you could reuse over and over. Both of the items that I just mentioned could easily be hidden out of site when you didn’t need to have them out.


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